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Jean-Claude Götting
1963, FR

 After studying at the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris, Götting created his first comic book works with the fanzine PLG, and then with Futuropolis. His first comic book, Creve-Coeur, received the award for Best Debut Album at the Angoulême Festival in 1986, before he dedicated himself primarily to press and publishing illustration, as well as painting.
He has created numerous book covers for various publishers, including the French edition covers for the Harry Potter series, as well as several books for children (La cravate de Papa, l'Anniversaire de maman) and collections of drawings (Visages, Duel, La Symphonie Silencieuse, Traverser la nuit...). He collaborates with various newspapers and magazines such as Libération, Elle, Vanity Fair, Psychologies, The New Yorker, Jazzman, and Lire... and occasionally works for advertising (Chanel, Pieper Heidsieck, BMW).
He exhibited his paintings at the Christian Desbois Gallery in Paris in 1992 and 1994, and regularly shows his works as an illustrator and painter at the Martine Gossieaux Gallery, the Barbier & Mathon Gallery (formerly Bdartist(e)) in Paris, the Papiers Gras Gallery in Geneva, and the Huberty-Breyne Gallery in Brussels.
In 2004, he returned to comic books with La Malle Sanderson, published by Delcourt, selected in Angoulême, Tours, and Monaco, and awarded in Geneva and Tours. Happy Living was published by the same publisher three years later.
As a scriptwriter for his own comics, he also wrote for the illustrator Jacques de Loustal Pigalle 62-27 (2012) and Black Dog (2016).

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