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our story

our story

20 years ago, Minneke Van Campen founded VCRB Gallery, then known as Galerie Van Campen & Rochtus, together with her business partner Luc Rochtus and husband Erwin Buys. Erwin has always been a supportive, driving force behind the scenes while still working on his own career.

As the gallery approached its 20th anniversary, they decided it was time for something new. Erwin started working in the gallery fulltime and their youngest daughter Louise fulfilled her dream of joining the family business. 
They found an old warehouse smack in the middle of the Museum District in Antwerp, revamped the place and introduced the next chapter: Vcrb gallery and The Platform by vcrb. 

VCRB Gallery continues to bring you high-quality contemporary, figurative art by national and international artists. At the core, our selection of artists is all about métier and emotion. Each piece we show, moves/touches us in one way or another. 

With our 22 years experience, VCRB Galery has learned a lot about the artist as a human being. One by one, they are extraordinary people from whom we have learned a great deal. It is our mission to let these precious people create and to let the viewers, the art lovers, enjoy their dazzling beauties. It is with great pleasure that we work hard on this every day, establishing contacts at home and abroad to provide our artists with opportunities to bring their work to the right audience nationally and internationally. 
our team
Family Buys - Van Campen

Minneke and Erwin are the founders, the driving forces behind the gallery. Their youngest daughter, Louise, joined them to prepare the gallery for the next generation. Marie, the eldest daughter, follows along behind the scenes. 
our locations
VCRB Gallery Antwerp
De Burburestraat 14
2000 Antwerp, BE
0032 3 294 06 62

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VCRB Gallery Knokke
Zeedijk 697a
8300 Knokke, BE
0032 475 34 82 38

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/The Platform
De Burburestraat 14
first floor
2000 Antwerp, BE
0032 497 90 37 44

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our locations
the patform
the platform
Young artists who are eager to present their work to the world can now apply to /The Platform, where up-and-coming talent can take their first steps into the gallery world.

You can take the name literally:/The Platform is a real platform in the middle of VCRB Gallery in the South of Antwerp.
It is the place to be for young talents who are at the start of their art careers and who want to amaze the world with innovative art. /The Platform is not just an exhibition space, but also a place for interesting encounters and an inspiring cross-pollination between up-and-coming talent and renowned artists who exhibit in the gallery. 

Louise Buys is managing /The Platform to be a hotspot in Antwerp. Her ambition is to move to a seperate venue, still in colab with VCRB Gallery.

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